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  Airborne systems
i-Tech Avionics is dedicated to the development of airborne and ground based systems based on their rich experience. We follow standards in processes and procedures in every stage of development to ensure high quality and delivery on time.
  Ground based - MIL Grade Systems
       Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
This is a MIL grade Voltage stabilizer with 5KVA power and 20
Amps AC current rating.
Input high voltage cut off: 258 + /-4V (254-262)
Input low voltage cut off: 155 + /-4V (151-159)
This as been designed as per JSS 55555 L2J specifications to use in armed forces.
       Tele Loud Speaking System
This is a Communication equipment designed for use in military applications. It is generally used by army artillery units to control and co-ordinate with Gun Posts (GPs) in artillery. It is designed for harsh field environments with high temperature and humidity conditions as per JSS55555 L2J specifications. It comprises of Main Control Unit (MCU), Director Unit (DU) and 14 Field Telephone Units (FTUs).
  Test Jigs and Rigs
       DFCC SRU Compact Test Jig
This test jig provides input and output test points for monitoring and testing of power supply unit card of DFCC equipment. It has inbuilt load, power supply and a DVM along with 70 pin connector.
  System Integration Tools
       iTech System Integration Tool (iSIT)
This is a portable Avionics testing and clearance tool for fifth generation fighter aircraft
       LOX Content Meter
LOX content meter is a portable liquid oxygen content meter for reading the oxygen contents from oxygen container in terms of Litres, Frequency and Capacitance.
       RJ 11 to Binding Post Converter
Input:RJ 11 connector( Allows easy connection to LAN extender
and DSL modem for communication orTesting)
Output: Binding terminal part no. RE081313- 2 NOS( WD cable can
be connected)
Material: Aluminium sheet- 2mm thickness, OG painting.
Cable type: 2 wire shielded – Industrial grade
Cable Length: 5” ( From Box to RJ11 Connector)
  Customised DC Power Supply
iTech Avionics Designs and Fabricates DC Compact Power supplies as per the customer needs. Eg. 230 V input to 24V output (AC/DC)
  Looms and Cables
iTech Avionics fabrication service includes Aircraft / Helicopter Loom fabrication, routing, testing and clearance. All kinds of looms & cables for 1553B, ARINC 429, Serial, Discrete signals can be provided with various connectors like Amp, Circular, Dtype, Euro etc.
  Ground Support Systems
Two / four node 1553B couplers
ARINC couplers
Breakin / Breakout boxes
1553B Bus repeaters and Stub repeaters
Intelligent voltage / load monitoring systems
Ground replay systems
  Cots Products
?Supply / Indigenization of MIL-STD-1553 cards , ARINC cards, RS422/RS485, GPIB, DIO, AIO, LVDT and all other kinds of cards for PXI, PCI, cPCI, VME, PCMCIA, Express and other platforms
Sourcing of all kinds of Electronic components
Supply of high end testing systems
Supply of Couplers, Cables and Connectors etc.
  RFID Solutions
iTech Avionics actively involved in providing RFID SOLUTIONS for public sector units (PSU) , defence labs, retail outlets, airports and highways in respect of Personnel tracking, Asset tracking and etc.,




Thank you for your interest in our products. We are system integrators, system developers, designers and suppliers also. We are pioneers in RFID Solutions. Our clients include DRDO Labs, PSUs and Private sectors.

We provide the following RFID Solutions for Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF), Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and Microwave Frequency (MW) as below

  • Desktop Reader
  • Automative Reader
  • Handheld Reader
  • Wireless Handheld reader
  • Wall Mount Reader
  • Ethernet Reader
  • RFID Tags (LF, HF, UHF, MW)
  • RFID Training Kit
  • Neck Reader
  • RFID MODULES (PCBs, Small form factor ICs)
  • NFC reader

We also provide you with both Active and Passive Reader and tags and Battery operated passive tags. We have from small range 5cm to large range 12m to 250m solutions. We have tags for all kinds of applications from small range to large range.
We provide solution for the following Applications:

  • School student attendance and tracking inside campus
  • School student tracking in Bus
  • Jewelry inventory, tracking and identification
  • Machine parts inventory, security, identification and tracking
  • Automated Asset Management System
  • Vehicle parking system
  • Parking fee collection System
  • Employee attendance, movement and tracking system
  • Library inventory, Check IN/OUT, Tracking system
  • Temperature detection and Monitoring system
  • Hospital identification and location of staff and doctors at real time for intimation and allotment of duties or tracking purpose.
    • School student attendance and tracking inside campus
    • Student time and attendance can be logged into a system
    • Student tracking and monitoring inside campus
    • Student access to various premises like Library, Canteen, Hostel etc
    • Inform parents, guardians and Staff of organization about the Student Entry and exit in the campus.
    • Provide visuals (if necessary) of the wareabouts of the student or staff
    • Cash collection at Canteen, Library, Fees etc
    • School student tracking in Bus
    • Log in the student info during entry into the bus
    • Store the information in internal Memory / USB Pendrive.
    • Send information to a remote server through Wi-Fi
    • Jewelry inventory, tracking and identification
    • Identification of jewelry items – multiple items at once
    • Inventory of stock through handheld readers
    • Automatic location of item in the area
    • Provide visual location of the item (if necessary)
    • Anti-Theft System at entrance / exit.
    • Alarm / buzzer support
    • Tracking of movement of items during the day.
    • Machine parts inventory, security, identification and tracking
    • Small tags suitable for small parts of machinery items
    • Inventory of items, multiple items within a small span of time.
    • Tracking of movement of items
    • Portable Secure device at entrance and exit for identification of items for security purpose.
    • Identification of item and location of items in the store.
    • Automated Asset Management System
    • Automating the process involved in handling the items
    • Intimating the missing items during the process
    • Intimating Shortage of supply
    • Automated generation of PO of parts
    • Inventory of assets
    • Tracking of assets.
    • Vehicle parking system
    • Identification of Vehicle during entry
    • Storage of vehicle information during entry in a server
    • Issue of parking ticket (Tag) to the owner
    • Location of vehicle to the owner to his mobile
    • Clearing vehicle by identifying returned ticket (Tag) from the owner.
    • Time and date stamping of parking
    • Parking fee collection System
    • Same as above
    • Calculating the parking fee from the duration of parking
    • Automatic opening of the boomer or gate
    • Use of Wifi and handheld devices enhances ease of process and operation
    • Auto pay system: Accepting the Ticket (Tag) and generating the bill automatically.
    • Employee attendance, movement and tracking system
    • Mass detection of employee during entry or exit
    • Time and date stamping
    • Tracking of staff in various premises
    • Show movement of staff in different locations. Visual support provided (if Necessary)
    • Use of Medium and long range readers helps to locate staff.
    • Library inventory, Check IN/OUT, Tracking system
    • Identifying multiple books at a time on the desk
    • Check in / Check out of the books at the desk
    • Use of single reader with multiple antenna makes the system cost effective
    • Inventory of books in shelves without opening them. Quick inventory of books provided, by reading multiple books using handheld readers
    • Location of a particular book long range reader
    • Tracking of book movement
    • Temperature detection and Monitoring system
      • Detection of temperature inside a chamber, vessel or container using sensors
      • Wide temperature range detection is available
      • Operating under humid and industrial conditions
      • Transmitting information on temperature to long distance using both wired and wireless (Wifi) connections
      • Reception of information and logging temperature into a system
      • Logging temperature at regular intervals.
  General Description     MR-RFID-203 is a high performance UHF RFID integrated reader. It is designed upon fully self-intellectual property. Based on proprietory efficient DSP algorithm, it supports fast tag read/write operation with high identification rate. It can be widely applied in many RFID application systems such as logistics, access control, anti-counterfeit and industrial production process control system.



  1. Self-intellectual property;
  2. Support ISO18000-6B, ISO18000-6C(EPC C1G2) protocol tag;
  3. 865 to 868MHz, 902~928MHz frequency band(frequency customization optional);
  4. Read range: upto 5m
  5. FHSS or Fix Frequency transmission;
  6. RF output power up to 30dbm(adjustable);
  7. Built-in 8dbi circular antenna with effect distance up to 3m-6m*;
  8. Support auto-running, interactive and trigger-activating work mode;
  9. Low power dissipation with single +9 DC power supply;
  10. Support RS232, RS485, Wiegand interface;
  11. Working temp: -20degC to +80degC
  12. Demo software + SDK available

* Effective distance depends on antenna, tag and environment.

  1. Absolute Maximum Rating





Power Supply




Operating Temp.



Storage Temp.



  1. Electrical and Mechanical Specification Under TA=25℃,VCC=+9V unless specified







Power Supply






Current Dissipation




















Wiegand DATA0


Wiegand DATA1


RS485 R+


RS485 R-








Trigger input(TTL level)




Support protocol: ISO18000-6C(EPC GEN2)
Work frequency: ISM 860-960MHz
Work mode: FHSS
Capacity memory: 512Bits 
Chip type: Alien H3
Card reading speed: preset via software, average less than 10ms/64bits for single card reading.
Tag materials: PVC
Work distance: up to the reader and antennae(Maximum up to 15m)
Working temperature: -20℃~+80℃
Download PDF RFID Controller Specification (Preview)  
    Chip Coin Acceptor Unit
      • This is a electro mechanical unit which helps in dispensing RFID chip coin, used in Parking Management solutions.
      • The unit has solenoids to control flow of motion of chip coin
      • It has RFID LF readers to read and validate the coins.
      • Invalid coins are rejected and only valid coins are written time tagged info and other info and handed over to customer.
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